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Suitov, aka Herm Baskerville, is a sometime writer of book (singular, so far) and silly fantasy/SF. The book is called Mews and the cooperative SF/fantasy writing group is Profusion writing and roleplay.

Suitov is not paid for any Wikipedia-editing or similar. It probably wouldn't be a very peaceful job anyway.


N.B. Suitov created these articles. He did not create poodles or metal operas, much as he might wish the latter. He has made other, minor contributions.

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Pages Suitov did not write[edit]

Ian M. Banks 2005.JPGThis user will move to a GSV at the first opportunity.
Winged Zol with Beak.jpgThis user's Dragaeran house is Tiassa (Tiassa dreams and plots are born)
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DeathStar Slashout.pngThis user likes most science fiction, but disdains the media that many people immediately associate with the genre.