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Welcome to my page.

I'm Tristan Surtel, a Dutch Wikipedia user. I write articles for both the English and Dutch Wikipedia. My subjects of interest are skyscrapers and the United States (especially Nevada and New York City). I've written nearly a thousand articles on the Dutch Wikipedia and only a few on the English one. Articles written by me include Seattle and One World Trade Center, for which I received the second prize in the 2014 writing contest. I wrote my first article, Lijst van effectenbeurzen, in February 2012, but used my former IP-address instead of my current account. Also, I'm active on Wikimedia Commons, where I've uploaded almost a thousand files as of October 2015.

Next to writing articles, I sometimes help with undoing vandalism and checking other edits. Also, I was involved in the process of getting a new main page on the Dutch Wikipedia. Until October 2015, I've edited the Dutch Wikipedia almost 20,000 times, and I've marked almost 10,000 versions as patrolled.

I've got a suckpuppet (Tristans) that I don't use often.

If you would like to ask me a question, you can do so at my talkpage.

Articles I've written:


This user lives in The Netherlands
To be more precise: in Tilburg
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