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The Gandhis
Background information
Origin Lucan, Dublin, Ireland
Genres Powerpop, Indie rock
Years active 2006–Present
Labels 1969 Records
Members Aidan McKelvey
Niall Cullen
Conor Deasy
Bazz O’Reilly

The Gandhis are an Irish rockband from Dublin, Ireland, formed in 2006. The band consists of Aidan McKelvey (guitar, vocals), Conor Deasy (guitar, vocals), Niall Cullen (bass guitar, vocals) and Bazz O’Reilly (drums, vocals).

With the post-punk revival in its midst, The Gandhis went against the mainstream style of electo-pop influences from the 1980s and draw their influences from times further back, adopting styles mainly from the 1960s and 1970s though certain elements of their style can be found as far back as the doo-wop era that was the mainstream of the 1950s industrial states of America. Their first single, Zaza (2008) brought about the signing of a record deal with 1969 Records.[1] Their debut album, You Are My Friend (2009) was released under 1969 Records in October and the band began to establish a small notoriety around their home city of Dublin.


Formation and early years (2006-2008)[edit]

In 2006, Aidan McKelvey and Niall Cullen decided to move on from their 2-piece hobby sessions in their house.[2] They recruited fellow NUI Maynooth college-friend and song-writer Conor Deasy to play guitar.[3] After a few weeks, they had heard about a friend's younger brother playing drums and Bazz O’Reilly was invited in to audition. McKelvey had recently read Louis Fischer’s “The Life of Mahatma Gandhi” (1950) and with the need for a name coupled with the young band’s ideological nature, The Gandhis were formed.

Zaza (2008)[edit]

Initially, the band worked on their songs and played infrequent shows in small clubs and venues in Dublin, largely set up by promoters, before quitting their jobs in 2008 and joining up with producer Andy Knightley, of Krecording, for the release of their debut single, Zaza.

Don’t You Want To Be Loved By Me? (2008)[edit]

On the back of the single release, that was only available on download, 1969 Records became involved and commissioned the recording of a 2nd single in “Don’t You Want To Be Loved By Me?.” This was recorded in Qube studio with guitarist and producer Colm Querney, or “Q” of Lir fame, and was the first release under their new label, also sparking the initial stages for the album. Don’t You Want To Be Loved By Me? (2008) was released in November and launched with 3 intimate shows in the smaller, upstairs venue in Whelan’s, Dublin. The band were dubbed “ones to watch in 2009” by both Hot Press magazine and The News of the World newspaper.

Guy Like Me (2009)[edit]

December 2008 saw The Gandhis return to former producer, Andy Knightley for a recording session in Saltmills, Co.Wexford. Guy Like Me (2009) was the first single from these sessions launched to a busy audience in Whelan’s main venue. With the release of this single, the band earned some space on the pages of Hot Press magazine, as well as interest from a number of local newspapers and were subsequently invited to play on RTE’s Saturday Night with Miriam on 27th June 2009 to showcase the single live on national television.

You Are My Friend (2009)[edit]

Their debut album You Are My Friend (2009) was then launched on the 9th October with a live “in store” show in Tower Records music shop[4], Wicklow St. and the following night to a sold out main venue at Whelan’s of Camden St., Dublin. This brought about more appearances on Ireland’s national broadcasting station including a live performance of Don’t You Want To Be Loved By Me? On RTE2’s “The Café” in December 2009 and an interview and performance on RTE Radio 1’s “Arena” in January 2010. During their small nationwide tour promoting the album, the band supported Villagers in Cork city’s Half Moon Theatre in October 2009. Other supporting appearances include Declan O'Rourke, Fight Like Apes, Republic of Loose, Electric 6, Mundy, Ham Sandwich, and Crayon Smith.


The Gandhis have announced that they are currently working on their 2nd album.


Date of Release Title Label Release Type
February 2, 2008 Zaza Krecording, Andy Knightley Single
November 26, 2008 Don’t You Want To Be Loved By Me? 1969 Records, Qube Studio, Colm Querney Single
April 11, 2009 Guy Like Me Krecording, Andy Knightley Single
October 10, 2009 You Are My Friend 1969 Records Album

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