Beautiful People (band)

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Beautiful People
Origin UK[1]
Genres Pop/Rock/Electronic[1]
Years active 1990s-present[1]
Labels Essential Records[2]
Members Du Kane
Luke Baldry
Robin Goodridge[2]

Beautiful People are a British techno-dance group.[3] Having been granted permission to sample any Jimi Hendrix song they wished,[1] they released If 60's Was 90's. Originally released in 1992 in just the UK, a similarly named album, If 60's Were 90's, was also issued.[3] In 1993, they released "Rilly Groovy", which reached No. 3 in the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart; on the back of this, "If 60's Was 90's" was re-released and peaked at No. 74 on the UK Singles Chart,[4] and No. 5 on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart.[5]

In 2012, Beautiful People had a No. 100 hit with a pre-release cover version of "Turn Up the Music" by Chris Brown.[6] This can be attributed to people typing in "Beautiful People Turn Up the Music", as Brown performed a medley of "Turn Up the Music" and his song "Beautiful People" at the 2012 Grammy Awards.[7]


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