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Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

I started editing Wikipedia in December 2006. Mostly I just edit when I see something that needs fixing, like vandalism or spelling errors, or missing redirects. Those I consider my major contributions include:

I often work to improve a number of articles related to Magic: The Gathering.

I've been fairly inactive recently, however.

Pages I've Created[edit]

Fibonacci Numbers in Magic: The Gathering[edit]

Sprouting Phytohydra + Pyrohemia (Either Pestilence or Pyrohemia is acceptable): You start with 1 phytohydra, activate the Pyrohemia, and you get a token, for 2 hydrae. Activate it again, two more are created and the original dies, for 3 total.

I start with F_0 (zero) damaged hydrae, and F_1 (one) undamaged hydrae, or F_2 hydrae in total. In general, when I have F_n damaged hydrae and F_{n+1} undamaged (F_{n+2} total), when I activate Pyrohemia, the damaged ones die, the undamaged ones become damaged, and I get F_{n+2} new hydrae, giving me F_{n+1}+F_{n+2}=F_{n+3} hydrae. Thus, barring external interference, the number of hydrae I have after n activations of Pyrohemia is F_{n+2}.