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Temporarly without computer.
I will not be able to contribute so frequently.

Do you want to know who Ten Islands is?[edit]

Ten Islands is basically an idiot! When Ten Islands found out Wikipedia he found it a formidable project: an on-line encyclopedia where each one can give a little help to improve more and more the articles! Pfff! Big deal! As if culture and knowledge were important or useful stuff!

Even so, as good an idiot that Ten Islands is, he decided to participate in this project, and little by little he has given his contribution. As if it wasn’t enough, Ten Islands wastes time and effort trying to make good articles and improving other ones. He is such an idiot that sometimes he spends money to buy books or to go to libraries in order to get information sources. And nobody pays him for that! Face-sad.svg And furthermore he is ungrateful. By distraction he sometimes forgets to thank each one of those who helped him.

But better late than never: if by any chance you are as idiot as Ten Islands and you want to help him in this project, he will be forever grateful. Face-smile.svg

Now seriously, I am from Cape Verde, I am more than 30 years old, and I am registered since February 2007. My main activity areas will be correcting articles concerning Cape Verde, but I have also other fields of interest. If you want to help me, leave me a message in my discussion page.
Flag of Cape Verde.svg This user comes from Cape Verde.
English is not my first language, so it will be natural if I make sum miss steaks some mistakes… Feel free to point them out to me.

I am also present in the Portuguese and French Wikipedias.
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I am a proud member of the following WikiProjects:
pt:Wikipedia:Projectos/Países/Cabo Verde, em português;

en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Cape Verde, in English;
de:Wikipedia:WikiProjekt Kap Verde, im Deutsch;

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