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Greetings, Wikipedians. I'm a twenty-four year old graduate student. Since I'm studying writing you'd think I'd be trying to make some money at it, but instead I'm here, giving it away for free. My main interest on Wikipedia is sports, since I think there are an unusually high number of stubs worty of expansion, articles that don't exist but should, and larger articles in need of reorganization.

I have bit of a thing for lists. Some of my first articles are basically lists of winners of some lesser-known baseball awards. Lately I've begun rewriting biographies. In my opinion the biggest deficiency of Wikipedia right now is the readability of the articles. I think grammar and style are just as important as content. I believe in listing my references so that my articles are verifiable. I believe in improving old articles before beginning new ones.

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A computer is a machine designed for manipulating data according to a list of instructions known as a program.[1]

Computational Algebra refers to the use of computers to perform mathematical operations in either a symbolic or numeric fashion. [2]algoritms[3]

Artificial Intelligence is a field of science that has several goals. The first, often called "weak" AI, is the effort to design and implement computer systems that can perform tasks requiring intelligence when performed by humans. AI in computer games, knowledge based systems and such are typical examples of this branch.