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The Claw is the nickname I use on English websites. I am usually more active on the Dutch Wikipedia, and I will probably only be active on the English Wikipedia for small edits like links, categories and the like. I am mostly interested in film, music and animals (especially mammals). As of 2010, I write or expand articles on notable recently deceased Dutchmen, including Jan Blokker, Conny Mus, Conny Stuart, Antonie Kamerling, Willem Duys, John Kraaijkamp, Sr., Jeroen Willems, and Kees Brusse.

New articles[edit]

12-12-13: Kees Brusse

01-06-13: Theo d'Or

12-22-12: Louis d'Or (award)

12-16-12: Carré Theatre

12-08-12: Jeroen Willems