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Please contact me concerning anything to do with outlines or the Outlines WikiProject. Questions, problems, conflicts, AfD's, etc. etc.
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Humanism (life stance)


I'm The Transhumanist

Yes, I'm actually into transhumanism, but for me that is merely an extension of the life stance of humanism, which provides the basis of my personal values. To me, the most interesting pursuits of transhumanists are anti-aging, life extension, and human enhancement (via nootropics, etc.). And strapping jet-powered wings to your back. The future is coming fast – the technological singularity may be just around the corner.

I've been an editor here since October of 2005 (initially without an account), and have volunteered tens of thousands of hours.

Keep in mind that I'm fairly knowledgeable about the encyclopedia, how it and its community is structured, and how it operates...

So, if you've lost your way and can't find what you are looking for in the Wikipedia community, if I don't know where it is, I can usually find it pretty fast. Or, if you've hit a brick wall and can't figure something out, if I don't know the solution, I can usually find one fairly quickly, or at least help you get in touch with someone who can help. Don't be shy.

Wish list

Main article: Wish List

Be sure to check out my to-do/wish list - things I've noticed that are missing from or lacking on Wikipedia. It will take me years to complete all these by myself. But if you helped...  :)

Userbox profile

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If you are into userboxes, I'm described by them on this page.

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