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Name: Brian Drake
His mug: Me and my wife Beckha
Educational Institutions: Mercer University and Georgetown University
Degrees: BA, Political Science and
Women and Gender Studies (Mercer);
MA, Security Studies (Georgetown)
Hobbies: Playing guitar and playing with my son and daughter
Professional Area: Consulting
Employer: United States Government
Professional Focus: National Security

Brian Drake is a Staff Officer in the Department of Defense. He was formerly a Manager and social software evangelist with Deloitte Consulting. He advised government and commercial clients on a wide variety of collaboration solutions that span behavioral, technical, and organizational change dynamics. His client focus areas included strategy development, communications, change management, and Enterprise 2.0 solutions. He served the Office of the Director of National Intelligence for the Deputy Director of Intelligence for Analysis on the Collaboration Consulting Team. He is the principal founder of D.Wiki; Deloitte’s global enterprise wiki.

I blog on The Blue-Dotted Line about social software and collaboration.

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