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Chloë Bass (born 1984) is a conceptual artist who works in performance and social practice.[1] Her ongoing eight-chapter project The Book of Everyday Instruction explores individual social interactions has been presented at the Museum of Modern Art, and other venues.[2] Chapters from this work have included creating poetic installations in bathrooms, and inviting gallery goers to smell jars of spice.[3][4] Her work has been exhibited the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts,[5] The Cooper Union,[6] The Bronx Museum of the Arts,[7] the Neuberger Museum of Art,[8] and Momenta Art,[9] amongst other venues. She is the recipient of residencies at The Laundromat Project,[10] Bemis Center,[11] Triangle Arts Association,[12] LMCC Workspace residency,[13] and has been a nominee for the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Grant.[14] Bass was a founding co-lead organizer of Arts in Bushwick from 2007-2011, the group that organizes Bushwick Open Studios.[15][16][17] She holds a BA from Yale University, and an MFA from Brooklyn College, and is an Assistant Professor in the Social Practice program at Queens College, CUNY.[18][19]

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