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My name is Kevin Webster and I'm a scientist. My research has centered on the sources and sinks of atmospheric methane, a greenhouse gas. My doctoral research focused on the methane dynamics of caves. I'm currently interested in how the methane fluxes of tropical ecosystems change as land use changes. My professional interests include astrobiology, caves, ecology, extremophiles, geochemistry, geology, karst, methane, microbiology, paleontology, and stable isotopes.

I think high quality information should be accessible to everyone. As a scientist, I feel responsible for helping ensure that Wikipedia's science articles are accurate. Some of my contributions can be found here.

- Kevin

Kevin Webster

Peer Reviewed Publications[edit]

Webster KD, Rosales Lagarde L, Sauer PE, Schimmelmann A, Lennon JT, Boston PJ (2017). Isotopic evidence for the migration of thermogenic methane into a sulfidic cave, Cueva de Villa Luz, Tabasco, Mexico. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies, In Press

Lennon JT, Nuyen-Thuy D, Phạm Ðức N, Drobniak A, Tạ Hòa P, Pham TM, Streil T, Webster KD, Schimmelmann A (2017). Microbial contributions to subterranean methane sinks. Geobiology, 15(2), 254-258.

Webster KD, Mirza A, Deli JM, Sauer PE, Schimmelmann A (2016). Consumption of atmospheric methane in a limestone cave in Indiana, USA. Chemical Geology, 443:1-9.

Webster KD, White JR, Pratt LM (2015). Use of open-path laser spectroscopy to evaluate atmospheric methane concentrations, Southwest Greenland. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, 47(4):599-609.

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