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Howdy All. My name is Kevin Webster. I'm a geologist. I'm a graduate student at Indiana University and my work currently focuses on the methane dynamics of caves. In a broader context, my research focuses on extremophiles, extreme geochemical environments, and how both of these topics can inform the search for extraterrestrial life.

I think high quality information should be accessible to everyone. As a scientist, I feel responsible for helping ensure that Wikipedia's science articles are accurate. My contributions can be found here.

- Kevin

Kevin Webster

On the side[edit]

I love music. I love playing music. I especially love the bass guitar. I play both the bass guitar and guitar in a band.

Peer Reviewed Publications[edit]

Webster KD, White JR, Pratt LM (2015). Use of open-path laser spectroscopy to evaluate atmospheric methane concentrations, Southwest Greenland. Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research In press

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Selected Interests[edit]

Stephen King
Minus the Bear
Michael Chrichton
Victor Wooten