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I revised the Introduction section of Poland as well as the Culture section and I think that they look okay now. I spent considerable amount of time on doing this so I hope that it will be appreciated otherwise I will stop improving the Poland's page on Wikipedia. If anyone has any comments about the changes I have made or have anything against the changes than please post your thoughts on Talk:Poland. I want to know what all of you think about my contributions.

The fact is that someone constantly vandalizes the Introduction section of Poland. I wonder who could write such unintelligent comments about Poland or any other nation from time to time. I really believe that only some brainless and ill-mannered juveniles would do such nasty things! If you are feeling guilty or offended in any way by reading these true comments than maybe you are little guilty of making any unintelligent changes to the pages of POLAND on Wikipedia.

Once again, please refrain of doing any unintelligent changes to Poland's section of Wikipedia! Thank you very much! --Thomaspca 23:48, 9 December 2006 (UTC)