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I'm German, born 1981, did study Computer science during the wrong time, work as a programmer and have a liking for content management systems and wikis, have a lot of hobbies and some basic knowledge (and usually very firm opinions) of the middle ages, early renaissance and the American Old West, of blacksmithing, knifemaking and metallurgy, of leather- and woodworking, of movies, pop culture, literature and role-playing, philosophy and bio-ethics, of bodybuilding and martial arts, of contemporary military and shooting stuff.

I believe that specialisation is for insects and strife to be a homo universalis.

I have a website at and maintain a lot of other pages for friends of mine.

Status: I've been working quite some time on WP, first on the German version. I got dissatisfied with policy-changes there so I came over to the English version. Sometime 2008 was started to become annoyed with the trend to define what is not notable and the ignorance of the simple fact that Wikipedia is not paper. After some experiences with votes, I understood that Wikipedia is simply the stomping ground of cliques of sophisticated trolls, the rule of those with the longest breath. All of this playing in the hands of Jimbo, who now offers home to the deleted contents via Wikia. Which is a commercial, add-financed project, of course.

I did several anonymous edits afterwards when I stumbled across complete nonsense. As of 2009, I am happy to announce that I am finally able to ignore obivous errors in the wikipedia, too. So I quit Wikipedia.

In case someone needs hosting for a wiki-project, be it trivial, nonsensical, basically not notable, contact me via my website. I can probably arrange for it to be set-up and hosted for free and make sure that you keep ownership of the domain. There needs to be a place for do-gooders after all.

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