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My given name is Aaron, and I was born in Menden, Germany in 1983.

I grew up in many different locations, as I was the child of an US Army NCO. I later joined the Military at the age of 19, and served 8 years, including deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Military Police Soldier.

I was later Honorably Discharged, and am currently using my earned educational benefits to attend school in pursuit of a Masters in Social Work. My intended area of focus is Clinical Social Work and Community Activism within the LGBT community, with special emphasis on transgender populations, as I myself am transsexual.

In my personal time, I actively train and compete in the dog sport of Schutzhund. I live in the Pacific NW with my son and partner.

My intended areas of focus on Wikipedia are LGBT-related pages, dog and Schutzhund-related pages, and possibly some US Army-related information. In particular, the science and politics of transgender/transsexual identities are rapidly changing and I want to ensure that relevant Wikipedia pages remain up-to-date.

Outside of Wikipedia, I can be reached via Twitter.