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Six-Word Memoirs:

  • Born in 1967, still not dead.
  • Six words? Concise! Need three more.
  • Always accepted the left hand tally.
  • Did it before it was fashionable.
  • Minority of one, always seeking acceptance.

Wiki trivia: Ward Cunningham's wife Karen was my professor (for Compilers, Fortran and Object-Oriented Programming) at Portland State University. I met him once and he was wearing a t-shirt that said "I haven't lost my mind... it's backed up on tape somewhere".

My web sites: and

Pages I want to work on: Isaac Bashevis Singer, Recumbent bicycle, Daedalus (aircraft), Junk (sailing). Pythagoras needs some info about his vegetarianism. I would like to add some info about Jim Russell's contributions to optical discs (see but I'm not quite sure where to put it or how to reconcile the different histories (Compact Disc, DVD, and optical disc all have slightly different versions). Creative Computing needs work, and I don't see anything on the founder/publisher David Ahl (his web site is at

My father served on the USS Sitkoh Bay (CVE-86) the USS Cape Esperance (CVE-88) and the USS General George M. Randall, I'll see if he has anything to contribute.

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