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Disclosure: I am the communications manager at University College London Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. I have created this account to post science-related photos from the college and its staff which are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. This is with the primary aim of communicating science to the public rather than institutional public relations, though there can of course be a large grey area between the two.

I have read Wikipedia's policy on conflict of interest - these pictures should overwhelmingly fall under the exemption of 'uncontroversial' photos as set out in WP:CONFLICT - but if there is ever any doubt (e.g. it would involve replacing another editor's photo or it would give undue visibility to University College London) I will post to talk pages rather than articles.

If you think I've made any edits which are out of line, feel free to comment on my talk page, or contact me at