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An explanation of my actions[edit]

Dear all. Before this username is retired for good, I just thought I'd explain my recent actions and make a few targeted apologies.

Basically, I am a casual "anon", who usually edits from a work-based, outsourced proxy server (based in Virginia) which serves approximately 30,000 other individuals. For some time, I have suspected User:Fone4My of sockpuppetry and general username misrepresentation. Moreover, I have been absolutely appalled by his general rudeness and abruptness towards other editors, to the point where many of the usual editors in the Scottish-related articles have either taken a break from editing or left Wikipedia for good. One of the basics tenets of Wikipedia is to assume "good faith" and I wholeheartedly agree with that, however I was starting to observe how the assumption of good faith amongst my fellow editors was on some occasions misplaced to the point where it was effectively making many users blind to some very obvious abuse that was going on.

I must confess that I was not initially aware of the “checkuser” process, so considered that my only option was to set up User:Uk4ever to draw people's attention to Fone4My's conduct. Fone4My's actions were almost reaching bullying proportions, but were so much a part of his general character that it seemed that his conduct had become so normalised, it was being 'de facto' accepted. As such, I felt that if another user were to adopt similar unacceptable character traits, fellow editors would be afforded a "sanity check" on appropriate levels of behaviour.

Also, by deliberately acting as Fone4My's “self-appointed friend”, a new user who was owning up to and hence, taking the blame for what Fone4My knew was his own sockpuppetry, this would hopefully confuse this individual into slipping up and outing himself. And by requesting a "checkuser" on himself, he did indeed slip up.

On 26 June, User:Thatcher ran a "checkuser" on User:Fone4My. The results which can be viewed here, confirm that User:Fone4My has indeed been using sockpuppets, as well as the suspect IP addresses which are now pretty much common knowledge and to which he has already admitted.

So, my work here is done. I noticed with pleasure yesterday that in the short period since Fone4My has been absent, those timid, long-term editors who have been scared off in recent weeks, have slowly but surely been coming back and making their usual high standard of contributions which are making Wikipedia the success story that it is.

My personal hates - from a Wikipedia perspective - are "perceived personal ownership" of pages, rudeness, aggression, bullying and general underhandedness. I acknowledge that my own breaking of some of these very tenets pretty much makes me a hypocrite, however on this occasion, I feel that it was necessary for the greater good of my fellow editors.

To the likes of MichiganCharms, GoodDay, Snowded, Cameron et al, I apologise. I may not necessarily always agree with your opinions or politics, but I respect your honour and integrity in playing the game fairly, with good intentions and in good faith. Good luck to you all and kind regards.

Well its a novel way of flushing out a sock puppet, but life is certainly easier without so thanks ..--Snowded (talk) 23:46, 27 June 2008 (UTC)
"Troll" here. Unorthodox, but effective. ("Set a thief to catch a thief" comes to mind). Regards. Keep your eye on here. (talk) 13:12, 28 June 2008 (UTC)