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My name is Pablo Carlos Budassi, I'm from South America. I will try to help with illustrations, animations and a bit of transalation from English to Spanish. Your constructive criticism is always useful!

Mi nombre es Pablo Carlos Budassi, soy de Sudamérica. Voy a intentar contribuir con ilustraciones, animaciones y algo de traducción de inglés a español. Tu crítica constructiva siempre sirve!

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as infering the light caught by the stone

from the one that bounces, ancestral mathematics

as natural as intelligence

as artificial as an idea

Your hate is love to me

and your love is everything

And each fragment is,

from all others around, equidistant

the interior of a knowledge plant

and all quasars receding from us

bent space, elastic time

You can suffer of extreme vertigo

but it has always been the same ground

same reality

and being realistic I understand

that reality is hidden

but expanding the perception we can see

nature reveals all its secrets

much is revealed with instinct and feeling

some secrets are more encrypted

So at the end all is there

the magic of cosmos and your love

And your point of view

is equidistant from all,

has access to all