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Updatebjarni is Bjarni Juliusson, a computer owner and member of the Update Computer Society at Uppsala university in Sweden.

He lives in a 19" rack on top of a stalwart cardboard box on top of a hill in Uppsala and does not, technically, play in a band.


The languages in the Babel box on this page are not all I understand. Native Swedish speakers have good understanding of Danish and both Norwegian languages. As I am also half Icelandic I understand some Icelandic and Faeroese. I also studied German in highschool and have a fair understanding of German, Dutch, Afrikaans, etc. I'm a language geek and would like to learn some Slavic, Japanese, Arabic, Romance and Old English when I get the time.


I like Computers, and have a personal collection with items ranging from old videogames through personal computers to minis. I'm interested in computer history, and have given guest lectures at my university on the topic. The Update Computer Society runs many different operating systems on diverse computer hardware, which is something I enjoy greatly. I also like to program computers in my spare time.

Other interests[edit]

Science, persuation, sound, movies, politics, art.