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The Google[edit]

Newspaper archives[edit]

Geography and history resources[edit]

Towns, hamlets, settlements, wide spots in the road, etc.[edit]

My favorite citation[1][edit]

<ref name=OGN>{{cite book |last= McArthur |first= Lewis A. |authorlink= Lewis A. McArthur |coauthors= [[Lewis L. McArthur]] |title= [[Oregon Geographic Names]] |origyear= 1928 |edition= 7th |year= 2003 |publisher= [[Oregon Historical Society Press]] |location= [[Portland, Oregon|Portland]], [[Oregon]] |id= ISBN 0-87595-277-1 |page= }}</ref>

  1. ^ McArthur, Lewis A. (2003) [1928]. Oregon Geographic Names (7th ed.). Portland, Oregon: Oregon Historical Society Press. ISBN 0-87595-277-1.  Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (help)

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New and improved!:

<ref name=OGN>{{Cite OGN|7th|page=}}</ref>

Coordinates converter:

Friedman citation[edit]

<ref name=Friedman>{{cite book |url= |title= In Search of Western Oregon |author= Friedman, Ralph |authorlink= Ralph Friedman |year= 1990 |page= |publisher= [[Caxton Press (United States)|The Caxton Printers, Ltd]] |location= Caldwell, Idaho |isbn= 0-87004-332-3}}</ref>

Other Friedman books[edit]

Other travel books[edit]

<ref name=End>{{cite book |url= |title= Oregon: End of the Trail |author= [[Federal Writers' Project|Writers' Program]] of the [[Work Projects Administration]] in the [[Government of Oregon|State of Oregon]] |series= [[American Guide Series]] |date= 1940 |publisher= [[Binfords & Mort]] |location= [[Portland, Oregon]] |page= |oclc= 4874569}}</ref>

Gazetteer citation[edit]

<ref name=Atlas>{{cite book |title= Oregon Atlas & Gazetteer |edition= 7th |date= 2008 |publisher= [[DeLorme]] |location= [[Yarmouth, Maine]] |isbn= 0-89933-347-8}}</ref>

Oregon Atlas & Gazetteer (7th ed.). Yarmouth, Maine: DeLorme. 2008. ISBN 0-89933-347-8. 

Oregon Encyclopedia[edit]

{{Oregon Encyclopedia}}

{{Oregon Encyclopedia|page_name_within_oregon_encyclopedia_|identifying_name|author=LastName, Author}}

Our muse[edit]

Carlson citation[edit]

<ref name=Carlson>{{cite book |author= Carlson, Linda |title= Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest |date= 2003 |page= |isbn=0-295-98332-9 |publisher= [[University of Washington Press]] |location= [[Seattle]] |url=}}</ref>

Carlson, Linda (2003). Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle: University of Washington Press. ISBN 0-295-98332-9. 

Old listing of incorporated places[edit]

New listing of unincorporated places[edit]

Railroad station citation[edit]

<ref name=Stations>{{cite book |last= McArthur |first= Lewis L. |authorlink= Lewis L. McArthur |coauthors= Cynthia B. Gardiner |title= The Railroad Stations of Oregon |date= 1996 |page= |isbn=0-295-98332-9 |publisher= [[Oregon Historical Society Press]] |location= [[Portland, Oregon]]}}</ref>

McArthur, Lewis L. (1996). The Railroad Stations of Oregon. Portland, Oregon: Oregon Historical Society Press. ISBN 0-875-95261-5.  Unknown parameter |coauthors= ignored (|author= suggested) (help)

Good source for railroad stations[edit]

Ghost town citations[edit]

<ref name=Miller>{{cite book |title= Ghost Towns of Washington and Oregon |last= Miller |first= Donald C. |publisher= Pruett Publishing Company |location= [[Boulder, Colorado]] |date= 1977 |id= ISBN 0-87108-500-3 |page= }}</ref>

<ref name= Florin>{{cite book |title= Oregon Ghost Towns |last= Florin |first= Lambert |publisher= Superior Publishing Company |location= [[Seattle]] |date= 1970 |page= |oclc= 2713643}}</ref>

<ref name=Corning>{{cite book |title= Willamette Landings: Ghost Towns of the River |chapter= |last= Corning |first= Howard McKinley |origyear= 1947 |date= 1973 |edition= 2nd |publisher= [[Oregon Historical Society]] |location= [[Portland, Oregon]] |page= 138 |id= ISBN 0-87595-042-6}}</ref>

<ref name=Weis>{{cite book |last= Weis |first= Norman D. |title= Ghost Towns of the Northwest |origyear= 1971 |publisher= [[Caxton Press (United States)|Caxton Press]] |location= [[Caldwell, Idaho]] |page= |isbn= 0-87004-358-7}}</ref>

Stations that may or may not be locales or settlements[edit]

Ghost town info[edit]

Oregon Companion citation[edit]

<ref name=Companion>{{cite book |last= Engeman |first= Richard H. |title= The Oregon Companion: An Historical Gazetteer of The Useful, The Curious, and The Arcane |year= 2009 |publisher= [[Timber Press]] |location= [[Portland, Oregon|Portland]], [[Oregon]] |isbn= 978-0-88192-899-0 |page= }}</ref>

Engeman, Richard H. (2009). The Oregon Companion: An Historical Gazetteer of The Useful, The Curious, and The Arcane. Portland, Oregon: Timber Press. ISBN 978-0-88192-899-0. 

Stuff I use a lot[edit]

USGS GNIS database[edit]

External link


{{GNIS|XXXXXXX|name=Foo, Oregon}} XXXXXXX=Feature Number (only need name parameter if different from title of article)


{{cite gnis}}

<ref name=GNIS>{{cite gnis |id= |name= |entrydate= November 28, 1980 |accessdate= }}</ref>

<ref name=GNISdefs>{{cite web |url= |title=Feature Class Types |publisher= Geographic Names Information System, United States Geological Survey |accessdate=September 7, 2008}}</ref>

Salem Library Photos database[edit]

Architecture stuff[edit]

Ritz citation[edit]

<ref name=Ritz>{{cite encyclopedia |last= Ritz |first= Richard Ellison |title= Lawrence, Ellis Fuller |encyclopedia= Architects of Oregon: A Biographical Dictionary of Architects Deceased – 19th and 20th Centuries |location= Portland, Oregon |publisher= Lair Hill Publishing |year= 2002 |pages=288–289 |isbn=0-9726200-2-8}}</ref>


Other cities[edit]


<ref name=ORNRHP>{{citeweb |title=Oregon National Register List |url= |date= June 6, 2011 |publisher=[[Oregon Parks and Recreation Department]] |accessdate=June 8, 2011}}</ref>


Free images, many architectural[edit]


Oregon history[edit]


Population updates[edit]

Stuff I should use when I remember[edit]

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