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"Valfontis is a hoopy frood who really knows where her towel is."[1]


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Why? To combat "placelessness" aka "The United States of Generica".


Oregon Geographic Names says: "This was a pioneer post office which eventually passed from the picture. Valfontis office was established September 29, 1854, with Andrew J. Doak postmaster. C.C. Walker became postmaster June 12, 1855. The origin of its name has not transpired, though its meaning may be surmised. It was just another term for Spring Valley. Doak and Walker had claims close to the present site of Lincoln, a community on the eastern edge of Spring Valley [next to the Willamette River], and Valfontis office was in that neighborhood. The office was discontinued in August 1865." (p. 987)

  • "Valfontis". Geographic Names Information System. United States Geological Survey.
  • 45°01′11″N 123°04′49″W / 45.0198409°N 123.0803763°W / 45.0198409; -123.0803763

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I know it makes me kind of bitey and a big meanie, but I'm rather fond of this essay: WP:COMPETENCE. Also, although Wikipedia is The Free Encyclopedia That Anyone Can Edit, sometimes it is best to spend some time getting to know the rules and culture of a place before you jump in feet first, being bold notwithstanding.

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