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Cursed vandals! No, not the ones in Carthage


I joined Wikipedia in July 5th, although I've been lurking around for a long time before that. I am currently a student, and live in the Republic of China, aka Taiwan. I was enrolled in an International School since I was small before returning to Taiwan, which means I can speak both Chinese(Traditional Chinese, that is) and English quite well. I am currently attempting to learn Japanese.

People don't like FFVIII's Draw system and... I agree[edit]

I simply love the series. The one's I've truly played throughly are just Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and Tactics Advance and I'm working on IX and Tactics for the time being. The old ones I've not really tried before, however. I am also attracted to all countries that start with "United" and end with "States of America".

In Soviet Russia, Wikipedia edits you![edit]

You will probably see me editing articles about Final Fantasy, the Republic of China and doing a lot of vandalism reverts. I'm also infamous for splitting my edits over a _lot_ of edits. So next time you see me go crazy on an article...

Bloody Vandals get on my nerves[edit]

Alright, I know, assume good faith. But you _know_ something is wrong when somebody calls the 9/11 attacks "hilarious". Those people disgust me. So yeah, a thank you note for all those vandals who successfully messed up my Wikipedia experience. I'll just go fantasize about blocking them by clicking this little link here...

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Ahh, pity.

Personal Post-It Board[edit]

Half random bookmarks[edit]

August 11 Wikipedia:Manual of Style Wikipedia:How to edit a page Inherently funny word Wikipedia:Browse Aerial_warfare Wikipedia:Lamest_edit_wars_ever Internet Archive Category:Taiwan-related stubs Category:Wikipedia:Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense

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