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This is the page for Wikipedia user Vegas949.

That's the default message I figured I should give you when you come to the "user X" infostat-tastic page.

I also feel that I should yell "Vegas, baby!" at the top of my lungs from time to time. It just reaffirms that I am alive.

Wikipedia is a game. It is an entertainment, played in moves, according to rules, towards a goal.

  1. "Each move must increase an entry's accuracy, transparency, selective completeness and weighted balance, using vision and appropriate wit."
  2. "Twaddle and waffle are false moves." Twaddle is fatuous nonsense delivered with an authoritative and informed air implying unnamed but impeccable sources. Twaddle is what one is full of when one is "full of it". Twaddle may have an element of truth, as in the preceding. Waffle on the other hand is unnecessarily self-protective verbiage: "Nighttime is generally considered quite dark." Recognition and public acknowledgements of one's own twaddle and waffle are marks of an outstanding player.
  3. "Avoid unnecessary interference."
  4. "Leave your personal agenda on the porch." This rule is infinitely complicated and hard to interpret or follow.
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