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Lolland and Belette

As translated. [1] Precise date is unknown, but was during 1811 (when Lt. Langemach was posted to the ship Lolland, and before 2 September 1811 when he was hospitalised with mental stress and not allowed back to military duties ) Unknown if Belette was in company or alone.

Summer 1811[edit]

When Captain Holm [2] returned to Egersund (SW Norway) with Lolland and four other brigs, four British ships boats – not realising the Danish squadron was there – entered the western end of the sound, expecting to capture some shipping or do other mischief. The circumstances of locality and wind did not permit the Danish brigs to enter the sound from the further end, but the Danish ships’ boats under Lieutenant Niels Gerhardt Langemach [3] were sent up the sound to oppose the British. Some of the Danes were landed to set an ambush from the cliff tops, whilst the armed boats were hidden behind a skerry.

As the British rowed boldly in, they were met with the unexpected fire from howitzers and muskets, and immediately turned tail with the Danish boats in pursuit pouring fire into them. One boat with a crew of an officer and 17 men – all from the Belette – was captured, and more would have been taken but for the explosion of a powder keg on one of the Danish boats – which added to the confusion. The remaining British boats reached the cover of their mother ships’ broadsides.

1 & 2 August 1811[edit]

[4] Lolland and attendant brigs had a run in with Brev Drageren, now in British service after her capture at Copenhagen 1807. The Danes captured two cargo ships (galleases) that Brev Drageren was escorting.

Lolland and Hero[edit]

[5] It appears that the cutter hired armed cutter Hero was not, after all, sunk – but was helped into Vingo by a frigate where she was repaired enough to sail to England for more complete repairs.


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