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Our nation does not ban Wikipedia. I love it. -Vilfate 7:42 CST, Dongying. Shandong Province, PRC.

What This User Used To Look Like. Yeah he was pieces of Hafnium

I perhaps dwell on the past too much, which I was often too slow to deal with better in the first place.

Chinese Speaker? 点击这里/點擊這里

We humans are capable of greatness. --Carl Sagan

Vilfate 10:45, 20 February 2016 (UTC)

Thinking With Portals...[edit]

Here is a brief list of links to my online territories

Frank Wang on...


Online Posts ChemiePortal

Zhihu (Chinese Quora):Yourong Wang

Space Engine Old Forum: vilfate

Exams In China: 130070712

Exams In New Zealand: 148350045

SoundCloud: SifynesFuturo

Instagram: Sifyrene / realfrankwang

Apple Developer ID: (Nothing there yet):

Wikipedia: Infinite Loop

Some of This User's CC-BY-SA Projects[edit]

Where This User Will Likely Reside For His Entire Existence

Class Projects[edit]

The Fancy Chemistry (Videos Only) YouTube

Nanotechnology (2015) iCloud

Genetic Screening (2015) iCloud

Euthanasia: Will It Be Legalised In New Zealand? (2015) Coming Soon

Fermi Paradox - Abridged Presentation (2013, Currently In Chinese Only) iCloud

Fermi Paradox - Original (2013, Currently In Chinese Only) iCloud


01- SDEHS Astronomy Group 2014, (2014) Baidu Cloud Drive


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cat-4Mew mew hisss purrrr mew rrrr meow.
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