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An Outline of History[edit]

This is an exercise in classification.


History: Fields of study[edit]

Cultural and Social history[edit]

Cultural history[edit]

(both a field of study and an historical-anthropological method)

History of the arts[edit]
History of language[edit]
History of philosophy[edit]
History of religion and spirituality[edit]

History of Society and History in Social Sciences[edit]

Economic and Political History[edit]
History of science and technology[edit]
Social Sciences[edit]

(Note: Scholars of history draw on the social sciences and vice-versa. Various social science subfields focus on historical phenomena and processes. These subfields are sometimes distinct from the fields of history above. Many social science disciplines have their own history subfields, both of their discipline and for using historical methods. Anthropological subfields especially are defined by the use of a variety of historical methods. )

Anthropology and Sociology[edit]
    • History of sociology
      • Comparative and historical sociology, a recognized subfield of sociology
      • [[Subfields of sociology|Sociological subfields], historical perspectives are used in many of these subfields
Economics and Politics[edit]

Natural history[edit]

(Historically, natural history is conflated with natural science.)

History: Methods, Philosophy and Types[edit]

Historical methods and Historiography[edit]

Hypothetical histories[edit]

Philosophy of history[edit]

(aka Historiosophy)

Religious cosmology[edit]