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My main aim: "Peace and harmony between people of all creeds and nations" ~ The Meaning of Life{quote}


  1. Allegory of the long spoons - a step better than the Golden rule.
  2. Sarah Maple - islamic themes.
  3. Personal relationship skills - stable parents raise secure children.

IN PROGRESS: Universal themes

  • World peace, one generation at a time, the long game - "Our children are our future." -  By raising kids the right way happy couples can skillfully avoid raising "little Hitlers" who create wars.[1]
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  1. ^ For your own good by Alice Miller, Analysed early childhood of the Third Reich leaders, including Hitler, The common finding - harsh disciplinarian parents and the hidden cruelty in their child-rearing. ISBN-13: 978-0374522698

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Peace and harmony[edit]

Main aim: "Peace and harmony between people of all creeds and nations" ~ The Meaning of Life{1}

Another contribution I've made to this aim. ==> essay below.

It is worth pointing out that the scriptures held dear by most cultures are actually saying the same thing.

Once that is acknowledged it may prove a source of peace and reconciliation, if some area of common ground can be found then this thought might influence some to think, to stand back, to re-think and to reduce their prejudices; rather than just re-arrange their prejudices.

For instance the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions are all, at their root, Abrahamic faiths. The Golden Rule is a commonality across all beliefs, cultures and religions.

- Christianity was popular because it was a development of the thinking which had gone before - the Greek and Roman philosophies which had been debated and refined over the previous centuries.

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Expand : Find the quote from the Greek philosophy page which summarises the preceding paragraph


Unfortunately seeking explanations of the prejudices of Muslims vs. The West won't be found in their historic texts. For instance, both Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland vehemently support The Bible yet there remain many prejudices between many members of the two groups.

Islamic benefits[edit]

In my experience, life in a western country is lived with the constant knowledge that theft is always a possibility.

In my experience, life in a Muslim country does not hold that same perennial worry. Imagine leaving your ignition keys and wallet in plain sight in your convertible car in a public car park, with the top down, and going off for the day. You would have faith your car, keys, wallet and coins would all be there when you returned.

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