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Possible Sources for Reference by General Topic

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Cherokee Removal/19th Century[edit]

  • Anderson, William, ed., Cherokee Removal: Before and After
  • Wardell, Morris L., A Political History of the Cherokee Nation, 1838–1907 (Reprint, Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1977), contains a very useful bibliographical essay….

Marriage/19th Century Statistics[edit]

  • Daynes, Kathryn M. Daynes, "More Wives Than One: Transformation of the Mormon Marriage System, 1840-1910, University of Illinois Press, 2001, ISBN-10 0252026810, ISBN-13 978-0252026812.
  • Klein, Herbert S., "A Population History of the United States.", Cambridge University Press, 2004.

Reconstruction and Black Slavery[edit]

Tea Ceremony, Japanese[edit]

  • Nooteboom, Cees, “Rituals”, a 1983 novel (Raku tea bowls play an important part)
  • Tanaka, Seno, Tanaka, Sendo, Reischauer, Edwin O. “The Tea Ceremony”, Kodansha International; Revised edition, May 1, 2000. ISBN 4770025076, ISBN 978-4770025074.