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$ This user, in accordance with the Wikimedia Foundation's Terms of Use, discloses that they have been paid by International Anti-Corruption Academy for their contributions to Wikipedia.

This account is run by Lukas Weinbeer, who is currently serving as a Wikipedian in Residence as a Communication Assistant at the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA). Lukas Weinbeer is an experienced Wikipedia contributor, based in the German-speaking community. The activities of this account not only reflecting official positions held by IACA but are informed by his personal understanding of the respective article subject. Trustworthy users can request a confirmation, which would be sent through the email function to prove his background. The activities conducted in the framework if the Residency are also documented on this page. This account is primarily focused on contributing towards an increased quality of articles dealing with Corruption in a broad sense, the International Anti-Corruption Academy itself and topics related to it. Resulting from those objectives, I will primarily contribute in four distinctively different manners:

  1. Improving/Creating articles based on IACA's resources (e.g. the library). When my position as an employee of IACA might lead a COI (e.g. in the article on IACA, when adding or deleting references to IACA in a meaningful way, etc), no direct editing will occur for obvious reasons.
  2. Share media resources held by IACA
  3. Supporting Wikipedian interested in (anti-) corruption (e.g. the Corruption project)
  4. Interacting with the local community, especially Wikipedians from Vienna and Niederösterreich

An additional aspect of the “Wikipedian in Residence”-project at IACA will be a raise in awareness for the Wikipedia inside of IACA’s organization. I am accordingly trying to identify ways to include Wikipedia and awareness of its working mechanisms and potentials into IACA’s operations. Results of the Wikipedian in Residence-project will be documented on this page.



New Articles[edit]

Improved Articles[edit]

Small contributions can be found in my User Contributions

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Consultancy work in the field of Corruption[edit]

  • The WikiProject Corruption expressed its wish of a real article on Anti-Corruption to replace the current disambiguation. I am currently working on such article, based on the books from IACA's library (→here is the draft).

Activity in the local (Austrian) Wikipedia/Wikimedia community[edit]