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Busker Busker

Busker Busker (Hangul: 버스커 버스커) is a Korean indie band, most famous for their runner-up performance in the Korean music audition television program Superstar K3 of Mnet.

Their members consist of guitarist and vocalist Beom-Jun Jang (Hangul: 장범준), bassist Hyung-Tae Kim (Hangul: 김형태) and drummer Bradely Ray Moore.


Before Superstar K3[edit]

Prior to entering the Superstar K3 competition, drummer Bradely Ray Moore was a professor at english professor at Sang Myung University.[1] Both Beom-Jun Jang and Hyung-Tae Kim are students at Sang Myung University and the three met at the University to form the band. The band's activity mostly consisted of street performing at the University or at near parks, and their performances gained famed by the students of Sang Myung University.[2] Most of the songs they played during their street performances were either composed by Beom-Jun Jang, or they revised existing songs to suit the band's play style. Some videos for the band's street performances are available on Youtube but most of these videos received attention after the band's participation of Superstar K3.

Participation in Superstar K3[edit]

During the primerlinary rounds of the audition, Busker Busker sang their self composed song "Ideal Type"(Hangul: 이상형) to move onto the next round of the tournament: Superweek. The band's apperance of the preliminary rounds, however, was never aired on television, so the band was not known to the viewers for the first 6 episodes (episodes that dealt only with the preliminary rounds) of the show.

On the first day of Superweek - an audition involving 3 days of song missions for those who have passed the preliminary rounds - Busker Busker sang a revised version of the song "Sung In Sik" by Ji-Yoon Park. This was the moment when Busker Busker made first television appearance for the Superstar K3 show but their portion of the audition was only on air for 6 seconds. However, Busker Busker was able to gain public fame at the next day of the audtion. The second day of Superweek consisted of participants grouping up and performing in front of the judges. Busker Busker groupped up with "Two Months" and sang "Juliet" by the k-pop group Shinee. During the practice of the two groups, Beom-Jun Jang showed interest in the female voal of Two Months, Ye-Rim Kim, and this was aired on television.[3] The two group's performance of Juliet recorded the highest viewer rating so far into the show.[4] Despite the two group's excellent performance, since only one group was able to advance, Busker Busker was eliminated as Two Months advanced into the next round.[5] The band, however, returned to the show after being chosen as the replacement band of Yeri Band who have dropped out from the Top 11.[6]

Busker Busker participated in 7 live television shows of Superstar K3 and was able to finish 2nd place, after Ulala Session won the audition. Each week of the show, songs that Busker Busker sang became famous in Korea, and they significant interest by Koreans as this was evident in the K-pop chart.

Post-Superstar K3[edit]

As of November 14, 2011, Busker Busker has suspended all public activities.[7] Beom-Jun Jang decided on this because the band needed time to think about the band's future. The band's activity suspension resulted in them not participating in the post-Superstar K3 events with the other participants of the audition.


All of the songs that Busker Busker sang during the live show of Superstar K3 has been released through the Superstar K3 albums.

Song List[edit]

Week of the Live Performance Song Name Original Artist
1 Dong Kyung So Nyu Kwang-Jin Kim
2 Livin' La Vida Loca Ricky Martin
3 Bus Station Panic
4 Serendipity Song Gol-Mae
5 Mak Gul Ri Na Jong-Shin Yoon
6 Valenti Boa
7 Seoul People Self-Composed

Success in the K-Pop Chart[edit]

All of the songs that were released in the album gained famed and had success in the K-pop chart. The band's first song Dong Kyung So Nyu received the most attention of all of the other song, as it remained at the top 10 of the K-pop chart for 24 days after the release of the song. [7] All the other songs appeared at the top 10 of the K-pop chart at the day that the song was released.


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