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This is an attempt to summarize what lacks in Wikipedia to cover the regional geology of northwestern Europe (including the British Isles) in a complete, clear and punctual way. This inventarisation will probably not be complete and forms just the tip of the iceberg, but hey, let's start somewhere... Feel free to edit this page when you want to add stuff.

Main articles[edit]



Netherlands & Belgium[edit]


British Isles[edit]

Geological structures[edit]


British Isles[edit]

Germany & Central Europe[edit]

Bohemia, Moravia, southwest Poland, Sudetes[edit]

Bavarian phase - Bittesch Gneiss - Blanský les Massif - Central Bohemian Pluton - Cretaceous Basin - Dobra Gneiss - Drosendorf Complex (Monotonous Series - redirect??) - Eisgarn Granite - Gföhl Complex - Mauthausen Granite - Meisling Unit - Moravo-Moldanubian phase - Ostrong Complex - Pernegg Formation - Raabs Unit - Rastenberg Granodiorite - South Bohemian Pluton - Thaya Batholith - Therasburg Formation - Variegated Series - Weinsberg Granite - Weitersfeld Gneiss


Netherlands, Belgium[edit]

Ardennes Anticline - Artois High - Campine Basin - Mons Basin - Brabant Depression - Condroz Anticline - Dinant Syncline - Malmédy Graben - Midi Thrust - Namur Syncline - Groningen-Borkum High & Groningen High (rd?) - Klaverbank High - Middle-Netherlands High - Texel-IJsselmeer High

Tectonic phases[edit]

Asturic phase - Austrian phase - Bretonnic phase - Early Kimmerian phase - Hardegsen phase - Late Kimmerian phase - Laramian phase - Subhercynian phase - Sudetic phase