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Dogger may refer to:

  • Dogger Bank, a large shallow area in the North Sea between Britain and Denmark
  • Dogger Bank incident, the Russian attack on British fishermen in 1904 at the Dogger Bank area in the North Sea.
  • Dogger (boat), a type of ketch rigged fishing boat working the Dogger Bank in the seventeenth century
  • Dogger (book), a book by Shirley Hughes
  • Dogger, a person who engages in the sexual practice of dogging
  • Dogger, a sea area in the North Sea, noted in shipping forecasts
  • The Dogger, rocks of the Middle Jurassic epoch
  • Doggers, people who hunted and trapped dingoes


  • Paul Dogger (1971), a former professional tennis player from the Netherlands

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