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Just for fun: Wrelwser43

To do[edit]

Most of these actually are supposed to link to Allies of World War I or Allies of World War II. Eventually I'll get around to fixing these. Or if you feel like helping, feel free!.


  • incluing
  • responsability
  • refering
  • .he and .she. Some false positives, but MOS:ELLIPSIS indicates that there should be a space between a word and the ellipsis before it.

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"Leopard" Lesson[edit]

Inspired by an xkcd comic, I once added a script that changed all instances of keyboard to leopard on web pages viewed through Google Chrome. A little over a year later I got a notification that an edit of mine had been reverted, which doesn't happen often because literally 99% 97% of my edits are thoroughly uncontroversial copyedits. The diff in question shows that the script somehow changed the text in the edit window of a page I was editing. I disabled the script, and reviewed all of my edits made between March 2012 (when I installed the script) and May 2013 (when I learned about this problem) to find any inadvertent leopardizations that might have occurred.

I've made my reversions, so hopefully there's no more harm done. On the off chance that I've missed one and you do come across this section by way of what (the reverting editor) generously termed my "marginally humorous vandalism", know (or assume) that it was not intended as vandalism.