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Senior Thesis Proposal

My senior thesis will be a rhetorical critique and examination of communication of the sciences to the public. Education of science in America is crucial to future progress [1]. However, the current outreach and teaching of science is being greatly hindered [2]. With this study, identification of the current problems facing science communication will help avoid them in the future. To do this, I will be relying on skills I acquired from Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, Relational Communication and Rhetoric of Western Thought.

The study will review the shortcomings in science communication by examining the current teaching methods, as well as interviewing several people in the science and education fields. From this I will be able to suggest how to implement possible alternatives to better public outreach of the sciences by suggesting a standard based on Christensen’s (2007)[3] and Gehrke’s (2009)[4] methods.


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