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I began editing/contributing to some articles articles in 2011. I'm someone that likes to expand sections of existing pages with information that I'm confident about. These additions are usually based on my professional experience, a deep personal passion or knowledge from my geological education. I hope that my edits are seen as useful both by people looking up articles and by those who edit it. I like facts and not conjecture!

Like every person I have a personal dislike. My pet dislike is actually about politically sensitive pages. I try and steer away from such pages because they are by their nature very heated areas of debate. In particular, I dislike modern society hiding behind the computer screen and insulting other peoples opinions. As a deeply religious (Christian) person, I also see politics within religious pages and therefore I also steer away from contributing to or editing these pages. There is just too much ability for anyone with an aggressive position on religion or politics to insult others on the internet (and it is easy for me to be insulting too!).

Anyway, feel free to leave a message on my talk page and certainly let me know if there is some way I can be a better editor of pages!

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