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Please note: All the 'facts' in this bio are based on insults that vandals have left me on Talk pages or in articles. Because I find their attempts at insulting me very amusing I used the diffs as citations. This is not a proper article, the only part that makes any real sense is the Wikipedia section at the end. The rest is based on insults, rants, and threats.

Mostly harmless
No, Yintan doesn't look anything like this.
Years active(2007 - present)
Bad Socks & Nachos
Disco Ball of Knowledge
Good Humor
Awesome Wikipedian

Yintan is an irrational[1] and intolerant[2] pipi.[3]

Loved[4]and desired[5][6][7] by some but hated by many,[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20] Yintan will bully[21] other editors, even if this will put Wikipedia at risk,[22] start a revolution,[23] cause trouble with the law,[24][25][26][27] or disgrace the entire planet.[28]

Personal life

Although apparently of African-Jamaican-Japanese-American-Chinese descent,[29][30][31][32] some people do wonder if Yintan is human at all.[33] There is also confusion about Yintan's gender.[34][35] According to sources, Yintan is a scoundrel,[36] a mercenary flunkie,[37] a big joke,[38] a bored script kiddie,[39] a communist[40] spreading hate speech and fake news,[41] totally gay[42][43][44][45][46][47] but at the same time ultra homophobic,[48] possibly a transvestite,[49] and, of course, bitter and without a life.[50]

Yintan has a threatening and unprofessional attitude,[51] abuses the disabled,[52] and disrespects the dead.[53]


Yintan's personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired[54] but sources can't agree on an accurate description of the smell.[55][56][57]

Financial support

While already a rich muppet[58] and on the payroll of Big Companies to whitewash the truth,[59] Yintan is also employed by Wikipedia[60][61][62] and gets paid for every deleted article.[63] Unfortunately all this work has to be done on outdated hardware.[64]

Religious views

Yintan is a heathen[65] and annoys nuns.[66]


Despite having very limited mental capabilities,[67][68][69] Yintan did manage to come up with the basic principles of African philosophy[70] and has been a member of the Scottish Parliament.[71] Yintan is also a skilled contortionist.[72]

Honours and awards

The American government renamed the state of Florida in Yintan's honour,[73] and Singapore renamed a school.[74]

Wikipedia. No, seriously.

Yintan is a WikiGryphon, rollbacker, pending changes reviewer, and vandal hunter, who introduced and designed the Audio Barnstar and the "I'm Not An Admin" top icon. Yintan worked hard to get Crass to GA, has passed the 67.000 edits mark, doesn't like userboxes, uploads photos, and is truly grateful for the received Barn Stars. On 10 May 2017, Yintan was officially declared to be an Awesome Wikipedian. Finally, despite everything you've read in the other sections, Yintan is usually quite friendly.[75][76][77]


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