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About me[edit]

Tsuyoshi Oshita (usually called Yoshi) is a second year graduate student in the Media and Information Studies PhD Program at Michigan State University. His current research focus is media effects and public opinion formation. He is also interested in (and actually he majors in) Public Relations, especially for non-profit organizations. His favorite movies are The Blues Brothers and Big fish. He tends to empathize with bunglers. Naturally, he likes "stupid" cartoons, such as South Park. As for music, he listens to mostly "mass-marketed" music, like U2, The Black Eyed Peas, Sting, you name it. Check information about the Blues Brothers page at IMDB.

More about me[edit]

Before coming to MSU, he worked as a senior PR consultant for Burson-Marsteller and a non-profit organization in Japan. He also has working experience in a publishing company, Recruit as a media /advertising planner. He earned Master's degree (with distinction) in International Public Relations from Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales, the United Kingdom in 2006. In Japan, he studied sociology at Hitotsubashi University at the undergraduate level and media studies in the graduate school at the University of Tokyo.

Wikipedia Education Project[edit]

Yoshi is a student participating in the spring 2012 semester of Wikipedia Education Project|Wikipedia's Education Program.