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Hello and welcome to my humble page, which will serve as my home base to TAKE OVER THE WORLD or, as I prefer to call it in polite/unsuspecting company, my home base of gaining useful knowledge in order to improve the world.

Who am I?[edit]

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I am an American university student in my junior year, currently studying in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a practicing Mormon, and while I will defend my beliefs when appropriate, I rarely believe the forums of Wikipedia are the appropiate place to do so unless I have some serious mythbusting to do with appropriate linkage. I like using the word appropriate because it sounds cool.

I enjoy surfing the Internet, reading science magazines such as Scientific American and National Geographic, learning random and utterly useless trivia, watching movies (mostly anime, sci fi, and fantasy), visiting art galleries, bullfighting, stargazing, drawing crappily, walking aimlessly around, and languages (especially Spanish and Arabic).

I am currently studying Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and art. I would like to be a writer someday, but more realistically I may pursue a teaching degree in English, Spanish, and possibly other languages.

I can read, write, and speak Spanish fairly well. I can read Arabic script but cannot yet hold a conversation.

What Do I Contribute To?[edit]

I read almost anything. I will contribute only to things that I have extensive knowledge of:

Not much, I know, but I haven't had enough time to become an expert in anything yet.

Anything else?[edit]

Yes, actually:

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