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I have the username zandperl across other MW services:

This user is a crazy bird lady. Zandperl cockatiel.jpg
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I am familiar with the process of peer review as regards professional papers published in restrictive science journals. I am fascinated to see how a more open process evolves here at Wikipedia. Check out my blog at Modern Science. My birthday is 26 January. I've been a user since 20 October 2003.


Current Projects[edit]


To Do[edit]

Things I can work on when I run out of the other stuff above.

Have contributed[edit]

These are pages which I've either started or made a contribution of which I am currently proud, however I am not necessarily sole contributor. That means I really want YOU to make them better yet. Expect this list to change occasionally. Asterisked (*) articles are featured articles. Alphabetized.


Below are the images I've taken and/or uploaded (but taken by others).

Taken by me[edit]

Taken by others[edit]

All images are public domain; further information available on the image page.

Others I haven't yet put here.

Deleted images[edit]

The following public domain images that I uploaded are no longer used and therefore deleted.