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Christopher Storer, aka "Zane McFate", is a bassist and GIS Analyst from Goshen, Ohio. Zane is originally from Xenia, Ohio.


Zane attended Shawnee, Cox, and Tecumseh elementaries due to a great deal of moving in his early years. His family had settled in Xenia Township by the time Zane left elementary, and he went on to attend Central Junior High, now called Central Middle School, and Xenia High School, and graduated in 2001. Zane left Xenia after high school, and attended UD from 2001-2003, where he studied Computer Science and minored in Geology.


Zane began playing the trumpet in the fifth grade; however, his teacher quickly switched him to the baritone, and after the sixth grade, he dropped out of the band program.

In the eighth grade, he joined the choir, and by ninth grade, successfully auditioned for the Junior High Ensemble, a junior show choir which served as one of the training groups for the Xenia High School Vocal Ensemble. However, his ninth grade vocal training was under a different teacher than the previous year, and disillusioned with the progress of his training, Zane withdrew from his formal music education once more.

In the tenth grade, Zane's brother convinced him to assist the Xenia High School Indoor Drumline as a roadie, and after watching standing on the sidelines of the drumline for a season, developed a fascination for the bass drum, and auditioned for the Xenia High School Marching Band to be a bass drummer in the eleventh grade. He failed, but was accepted as a cymbal player, under the condition that he enter the high school Symphonic Band and train in percussion. By the end of the marching band season, which raked in the school's first Superior ranking in the AA class for their Gloria Estefan tribute show, Zane had established himself as a more than competent percussionist, and after auditioning for the indoor drumline, was accepted as a bass drummer. At the same time, he had been training on the bari sax, and successfully auditioned for the Xenia High School Jazz Band, under the direction of legendary trumpeteer John Harner.

In the twelfth grade, Zane entered the marching band season as the squad leader of the bass drums. He also switched instruments in the Symphonic Band, choosing to pursue the tenor sax to pass the time. He continued his original choice of bari sax in the Jazz Band for his senior year, and graduated a well-rounded musician.

Zane did little in college to pursue his music, joining the Pride of Dayton Marching Band for a few short weeks, and dropping out due to the "lack of dedication" of the drummers. He did, however, pick up the electric bass, and played in a small band who named themselves Chronic Fidelity.

After leaving college in 2003, Zane joined up with A House of Prayer in Xenia, playing bass for the two failed youth bands before being picked up by the primary worship team, the AHOP Band. While continuing his duties in the primary band, he also joined the GAP Choir after its inception, serving as a singer and bassist, the Fusion Band, and occasional mid-week services and outside engagements with on-the-spot bands.

In 2007, Zane chose to end all his commitments with the AHOP bands, electing to plan his wedding full-time, and prepare for an eventual move to Goshen, Ohio. As of August 2008, he no longer sings or plays.