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Reality Theory: Computation&Complexity[edit]

Additive white Gaussian noise
Algorithmic efficiency
Algorithmic information theory
Alternating Turing machine
Amortized analysis
Analysis of algorithms
Asymptotic computational complexity
Automata theory
Automatic repeat request
Best, worst and average case
Big O notation
Binary number
Binary search algorithm
Bit rate
Blum axioms
Blum's speedup theorem
Boolean circuit
BPP (complexity)
Bubble sort
Bucket sort
Busy beaver
Cellular automaton
Chaitin's constant
Channel capacity
Church–Turing thesis
Circuit complexity
Coding theory
Communication channel
Communication complexity
Comparison sort
Complete (complexity)
Complexity class
Computability theory
Computable function
Computational complexity theory
Data compression
Data transmission
Decision problem
Deterministic algorithm
Differential entropy
Divide and conquer algorithm
Entropy (information theory)
Error detection and correction
Error exponent
Finite-state machine
Forward error correction
Function problem
Greedy algorithm
Grover's algorithm
Halting problem
Hamming distance
Hash function
Huffman coding
In-place algorithm
Information theory
Insertion sort
Integer factorization
Interactive proof system
Interpolation search
Kolmogorov complexity
Kullback–Leibler divergence
Lambda calculus
Line code
Linear search
Lossless compression
Lossy compression
Master theorem
Merge sort
Minimum description length
Minimum message length
Mutual information
No-cloning theorem
No-communication theorem
Noisy-channel coding theorem
Non-deterministic Turing machine
Nondeterministic algorithm
NP (complexity)
One-way function
Oracle machine
P (complexity)
P versus NP problem
PCP theorem
Polynomial hierarchy
Post's theorem
Pretty Good Privacy
Primality test
Probabilistic Turing machine
Pseudorandom number generator
Public-key cryptography
Quantum algorithm
Quantum complexity theory
Quantum computing
Quantum error correction
Quantum information
Quantum information science
Quantum no-deleting theorem
Quantum teleportation
Quantum Turing machine
Radix sort
Random number generation
Randomized algorithm
Recursive set
Recursively enumerable set
Reduction (complexity)
Redundancy (information theory)
Rice's theorem
RSA (cryptosystem)
Search algorithm
Selection algorithm
Shannon's source coding theorem
Shor's algorithm
Simon's problem
Sorting algorithm
Space hierarchy theorem
String searching algorithm
Theory of computation
Time complexity
Time hierarchy theorem
Topological sorting
Turing degree
Turing machine
Turing reduction
Undecidable problem
Universal Turing machine
Zero-knowledge proof