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The Zigamorph Logo

Zigamorph is the on-line alter ego of Mike, who was brought into the world of Wiki editing by Cookie.

Frequenty Asked Questions[edit]

  • What does "Zigamorph" mean?

See my Wiktionary article.

  • Where can I imbibe the wit and wisdom of Zigamorph?

See my Live Journal or MySpace.

  • Where can I buy swag with that cool Zigamorph logo?

See my on-line store.

  • What's with that Zigamorph logo, anyway?

It was created as a kind of computer self-portrait in 1992 (when I had more hair) shortly after the release of version 2.0 of IBM's OS/2 computer operating system, done with the included system icon editor. This unusual legacy accounts for its extremely coarse granularity, since it was originally 32x32 pixels.

  • Isn't that Zigamorph logo rather... um... egotistical?

Probably, but I'm worth it. I'm really more of a narcissist than an egotist. You should just be glad I'm not a solipsist.

  • What are Zigamorph's qualifications to expound upon various encyclopedic subjects?

I read the 1953 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia when I was six years old. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect it represented an unwise embarkation upon a lifetime of verbose pomposity. There were annual updates, and I felt an unhealthy precocious nostalgia for having missed the International Geophysical Year.

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