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As with all of Alex's newartbots, the task is twofold in writing the rules:

i) to make sure that articles that should be included are included; ii) to eliminate false friends.

To this end, the inclusion of a new article, by an author, in the Christianity category, is the most reliable method of picking up relevant new articles. That said there are many articles on Christianity that are not included in the Christianity category. Hence the text based rules.

No other rule should have 105 points, as there is always a conceivable reason why a word might be a false friend.

Rules with many points, are mostly for technical terms, that would very rarely occur outwith of a Christianity-themed article. Rules with few points possess great potential for 'false friendship', but together with many such others, would suggest that the article has a Christianity-based theme.

In the next section, I wish to explain why I felt that there was a potential for ambiguity with some of the 'lower-pointed' lemma. Orthorhombic (talk) 19:13, 11 September 2009 (UTC)

False friends[edit]

On 15 points[edit]

theolog: used in world religions, e.g. Kalam, Islamic theology
constantinople: wide use in historical articles, e.g. Fall of Constantinople, List of sieges of Constantinople, but also a city of great importance in Christianity, e.g. Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, List of Armenian Patriarchs of Constantinople, Praefectus urbi
cantor (an ecclesiastical officer leading liturgical music): but Cantor Fitzgerald, Georg Cantor, Hazzan
basilica: numerous articles on individual bascilica, which are of interest St. Peter's Basilica Esztergom Basilica Basilica of Superga, but also many on cities etc., which are of only tangental relevance Villa Basilica, Metro Deportivo 18 de Marzo, Rheims
divinity: includes university articles, e.g. University of St. Andrews
theologian: as above

On 10 points[edit]

believer Believer (band), The Believer (magazine) an American literary magazine, I'm a Believer, a hit by the Monkees
minister: wide use in politics, cf. Minister (government), Lists of incumbents &c.
faith : Faith (George Michael album), Faith Hill
jerusalem: a hugely important city in Christianity, but also on other contexts
schism: cf. Schisms among the Jews

On 8 points[edit]

acolyte: wide prosaic use, but also Acolytes (comics), Acolytes, a 2008 film
amen: wide prosaic use
altar: likewise

On 5 points[edit]

heterodox: wide use in any discussion of ideas
metropolitan: undergrounds etc.
communion: simply 'contact'
deacon: Deacon Blue etc. Orthorhombic (talk) 19:45, 11 September 2009 (UTC)