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I believe that in common usage, "Sado-Masochism"/'Sadomasochism' is the preferred noun applied to the interpersonal activities of "Sadism" and "Masochism". (See the disambiguation page for "Sadism"; there should also be a disambiguation for "Masochism".) So, to answer your question: yes & no. Sadism and Masochism are intrapersonal "psycho-socio-somatic" <M.S.Peck PhD.> orientations. However, though 'Sadomasochism' is of course not a separate issue unto itself, it is the specific phenomena of interpersonal interactions between (2/more*) individuals of these orientations. Therefore, I agree that there must be separate pages in all three headings unto themselves; including addressing the issues of introverted vs. extroverted aspects of both, including behavior vis-a-vie toward others vs. self. As it is widely agreed in the psychology field that those identified as outwardly manifesting one of these behavior orientations (commonly identified as either character-disorder/neurosis <M.S.Peck PhD.>) is highly likely also at one+the-same-time, inwardly oriented in the apparently opposite manner in relation to 'the self'. Hence the use of the term as clinical/professional reference to such instances identified as having this dichotomous/dualistic behavioral complex. <M.S.Peck PhD.>

  • I believe there should also be some discussion of voyerism vis-a-vie all 3 of these headings, re: non-participatory 'Sadomasochism'. (talk) 04:36, 20 November 2009 (UTC)Dr. Whomevra

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