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To answer your questions about translation[edit]

Hi, DanielEng. I just looked at the archives. Thanks for you plan for 'my return'. I apologise for calling you biased or anything like that before. It is really a shame that you retired. I hope that you re-consider your retirement and come out of it! You asked some questions about the translation in the archive. I think I owe it to you to answer them. Tinbin (talk) 20:20, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

Question 1: "江钰源是个平时训练爱耍些小聪明,偷些小懒的队员. When we run that through Babelfish we get Jiang Yuyuan is usually trains likes playing a cleverness in trivial matters, steals a young lazy member. That's pretty confusing and doesn't seem to match the English content."

爱耍些小聪明 babelfish translated to "playing a cleverness in trivial matters". Actually, in Chinese "play a little cleverness" means play a little trick

偷些小懒的队员 babelfish translated to "steals a young lazy member". 偷些小懒的队员 should be translated to "a member stealing a little laziness". 偷些 = steal something. 小懒 = little lazy or laziness. 队员 = team member. So, the whole sentence means Jiang like playing little tricks and is the team member who stealing a little laziness during normal training. (The little tricks she play is for "stealing the little laziness)

Question 2: "There's also a passage about Jiang being from a poor family, and the quote given is: 但经济压力是个不可回避的问题。一家人只有江涛有工作,而他在1996年下岗后,每月只有100多元的工资 but Babelfish translates that to But the economic pressures are an unevadable question. The whole family only then Jiang Taoyou works, but he came off sentry duty after 1996, every month had more than 100 Yuan wages."

但经济压力是个不可回避的问题. In here, 经济压力 = economical pressure. 是个不可回避 = is a unavoidable. 问题 = problem or question. So the whole sentence means "economical pressure is an unavoidable problem."

一家人只有江涛有工作,而他在1996年下岗后,每月只有100多元的工资: 一家人 = the whole family. 江涛 = Jiang Taoyou, Jiang's father chinese name. 有工作 = have work. 下岗 bablefish translated to "came off sentry duty", which really means unemployed ( a chinese slang or special term, don't think babelfish know how to translate it.) So the whole sentence means Only Jiang's father has work in the whole family. After he was unemployed in 1996. He had only about 100 yuan wages per month.

Also, there is a sentence that I forgot to put in the footnote but have mentioned in Jiang's talk page, which is "家庭经济条件的拮据" in babelfish translation is equal to "Home economics condition in straitened circumstances" I think that one is very clear. The family's economical condition is in straitened condition. Tinbin (talk) 20:20, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

Those relevant Chinese sentences are added in "a hurry". So they are not really completed and needed to be looked into again. Tinbin (talk) 20:29, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

Are you really sure you want to retired. Come on, Wikipedia need guys like you. Don't leave because of people like me. Tinbin (talk) 20:20, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

Just to say goodbye[edit]

Hi, DanielEng. Sorry to hear that you are retiring. I hope it is not me! Anyway, After some thinking, I decided that I will not add any more information on Jiang Yuyuan or any other Chinese gymnasts pages. In fact, I will stop editing Wikipedia's articles altogether. Like you, I am retiring too, what a coincident!!

When I added the Chinese-sourced information on Jiang's page, my goal was to provide a complete picture on Jiang's character, background and career so as to increase the readability of article on Jiang, and the non-Chinese speaking readers that are interested in Jiang Yuyuan could get a better understanding of her through Wikipedia. But all information has to come from Chinese sources because English media do not have such coverage on Jiang.

I know that Wikipedia will use only information from reliable sources. That is why I tried to use sources such as Yahoo China, Sohu, and Xinhua News whenever possible because those are reliable well-known news websites. But even these sources are labelled by Wikipedia's editors as unreliable and unverifiable, that somehow left me with no options and not sure which Chinese sources could meet Wikipedia's editors requirements. Therefore, I concluded that no matter how hard I try, the Chinese sources will always be considered as unreliable and unverified and my work will always be deleted.

I know that I argue a lot because I believe that principles are proven through debates, but instead I was perceived as someone causing trouble here, that is not what I expect and want.

At the time when the chinese-sourced materials were being deleted, I was half way finishing some writings about the attentions Jiang and her team mates received when they went to Hong Kong after winning the gold (I got the idea after reading Shawn Johnson's Wikipedia page), the info is about Jiang and her team mates appearing on television, performing with local pop stars in concerts and putting on a gymnastic show for the public. etc., which were widely covered by the media in Hong Hong. But I don't think I will finish them now because I know it will never get Wikipedia's editors' approval and will be deleted like the others.

I am sorry if I sounded like I was complaining. But I am really not. I just want to share my thoughts and that is why I put it only on your talk page, not Jiang's talk page. And I will not do anymore editing.

One last thing, the gymnast who replaced Jiang 20 mins before vault rotation in Women Team Final was Deng Linlin, not Yang Yilin. In my version it was Deng, I don't know who changed it to Yang. Since you and me are both "retired", could you ask the other Editors to fix the mistake? And the NBC Olympics link I gave you a few days ago contains some info on Jiang's habits, if you don't mind, could you asked other editors to include it on Jiang's page? I know you are thinking that it is not my business anymore, so if you wanna help, I will be very grateful, but if you don't, I will also respect your decision.

Again, I am really sorry to know that you're retired. I wish you every success in your future. Goodbye and good luck. Tinbin (talk) 16:08, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

==I am *devastated*. *DEVASTATED*. Can't you maybe just give up on some articles or more controversial topics and focus on things maybe less controversial that won't be vandalized so much. Wikipedia desperately needs people like you. You are seriously, seriously, seriously awesome.

I understand if it's really tormenting you, though. It's tough to battle troglodytes on a regular basis, and I'm sure you've done that.

I respect your decision, but I hope that it won't be a permanent/final one.

Wishing you all the best and thank you so much for your help and enthusiasm and graciousness. Miloluvr (talk) 13:09, 17 September 2008 (UTC)

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