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Hey David :) I hope you like the place and choose to stay.

Some links that may be of use:

By the way, please don't start new articles in all caps! :) Thanks Dysprosia 22:51, 29 Sep 2003 (UTC)

Hi David, | see you have taken List of North American birds in hand. Some of the articles which exist are not being picked up because the American name isn't the same as the European name, and I've omitted to put a redirect. I'll go through them and repoint where necessary, but I've stopped for now because we are running into edit conflicts, and your task is more important. good work, jimfbleak

I've added a taxonomic note to the above article. The consensus for group and species accounts is to use Handbook of Birds of the World for the northern hemisphere and HANZAB for the southern. This because different regions use different systems (at least four English language ones). Whilst it is reasonable for a regional list to use its local system, obviously we want to avoid say Peregrine Falcon being constantly moved between Accipitiformes, Falconiformes and Ciconiiformes. Jim
I've noticed that the article is up to 42k. Is it worth considering splitting? On British birds, I hived off [[passerines to keep the article reasonable. Jim

List of North American birds[edit]

Hi. Why did you move List of North American birds to List of North American birds: non-passerines? I have to admit I don't know what "passerines" are, but nevertheless I don't understand why you're moving from a general article title to something more specific when the general article (List of North American birds) should clearly exist for completeness? -- Timwi 01:54, 21 Dec 2003 (UTC)

List of late antique, etc.[edit]

Your List of Late Antique, Early Christian and Medieval art monuments needs a lot of help. For example, even Wikipedia manages to have pages on Notre Dame de Paris and Hagia Sophia.

I wonder if a list of mostly-nonexistent links like this is a good idea? The chances are good that someone will create the page under a slightly different name, and then you or someone else might create a duplicate page from this list. -- Walt Pohl 22:13, 14 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Very Rich Hours[edit]

Hi David,

I get the impression you know a thing or two about medieval manuscripts - so a quick question for you. When creating the article for Les Très Riches Heures, I wasn't too sure what name I should use for the title. Ordinarily en-Wiki is supposed to use the English name for foreign items, except when the common usage is to give the foreign name. The trouble is, in this case I could find several minor variations amoung various references. Options would seem to be

  • Les Très Riches Heures
  • The Tres Riches Heures
  • Très Riches Heures
  • Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry

I'm not totaly comfortable with the title I went with, because of the grammatical hicup you get in sentences like;

For example see the Les Très Riches Heures in the Musée Condé

Is there a correct title? - Solipsist 07:38, 4 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Art categories[edit]


I noticed that you have recently been active with articles in the visual arts. Can I also encourage you to join the categorisation discussion at Category talk:Art -- Solipsist 21:15, 6 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Kells and Durrow[edit]

Nice work on these articles. I have them on my watchlist now and will keep a eye out for the extreme nationalist anons who seem determined to mess with them. I may also try to expand Book of Durrow if and when I have time. Filiocht 07:47, 15 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Yes, Irish. My username is Gaelic for poetry, my main area of interest. I'm currently deep in Abbey Theatre and a bunch of connected articles (e.g. Padraic Colum: many of the bios of Abbey people are either weak or non-existent), but I may well tackle Durrow and the Book of Kells now idea, as and when time allows. Look forward to the finished Book of Kells; an FAC, I should think. Filiocht 13:15, 15 Sep 2004 (UTC)

By the way, you might try posting requests for Irish-related queries/help here. Filiocht 13:17, 15 Sep 2004 (UTC)


What compelled you to nominate Alexander Kapranos as a vanity article? I would like your reasoning. Mike H 23:48, Oct 2, 2004 (UTC)

Block today[edit]

I can understand the frustration, but to give some background, a single vandal hit 30-some pages, using about 10 different IPs within the 152.163 range, within about 5-10 minutes, and was continuing to re-vandalize the reverted pages1. The only range block I am aware of, was set to expire in just 15 minutes, as it was known that it could affect some innocent bystanders--my understanding is that it was just to break the vandal's momentum, give the five or six of us doing the reverting time to catch up, and hopefully make the vandal give up, which seems to have happened. Searching the Recent Changes page (500 changes at time) during the attack for 152.163, 100% of the edits from that range during that time were clearly from the vandal. I blocked the two most persistent, specific IPs in that range, and other people have blocked two others, but three were unblocked after about one hour, and the other was just blocked.2 Niteowlneils 03:05, 12 Oct 2004 (UTC)

A Request[edit]

Over at Culture of the United Kingdom one of the main things that is stopping us from putting it forward as a featured article candidate is the fact that the art section is so small (one small paragraph). You have listed yourself on Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by fields of interest as someone with an interest in art. Would you be able to pop over there at some point and help us to expand the section please? Many thanks. -- Graham ☺ | Talk 11:56, 1 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Article Licensing[edit]

Hi, I've started a drive to get users to multi-license all of their contributions that they've made to either (1) all U.S. state, county, and city articles or (2) all articles, using the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC-by-sa) v1.0 and v2.0 Licenses or into the public domain if they prefer. The CC-by-sa license is a true free documentation license that is similar to Wikipedia's license, the GFDL, but it allows other projects, such as WikiTravel, to use our articles. Since you are among the top 2000 Wikipedians by edits, I was wondering if you would be willing to multi-license all of your contributions or at minimum those on the geographic articles. Over 90% of people asked have agreed. For More Information:

To allow us to track those users who muli-license their contributions, many users copy and paste the "{{DualLicenseWithCC-BySA-Dual}}" template into their user page, but there are other options at Template messages/User namespace. The following examples could also copied and pasted into your user page:

Option 1
I agree to [[Wikipedia:Multi-licensing|multi-license]] all my contributions, with the exception of my user pages, as described below:


Option 2
I agree to [[Wikipedia:Multi-licensing|multi-license]] all my contributions to any [[U.S. state]], county, or city article as described below:

Or if you wanted to place your work into the public domain, you could replace "{{DualLicenseWithCC-BySA-Dual}}" with "{{MultiLicensePD}}". If you only prefer using the GFDL, I would like to know that too. Please let me know what you think at my talk page. It's important to know either way so no one keeps asking. -- Ram-Man (comment| talk)

Unreferenced BLPs[edit]

Information.svg Hello David Stapleton! Thank you for your contributions. I am a bot alerting you that 1 of the articles that you created is an Unreferenced Biography of a Living Person. Please note that all biographies of living persons must be sourced. If you were to add reliable, secondary sources to this article, it would greatly help us with the current 2,788 article backlog. Once the article is adequately referenced, please remove the {{unreferencedBLP}} tag. Here is the article:

  1. Karen Ackerman - Find sources: "Karen Ackerman" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · HighBeam · JSTOR · free images · free news sources · The Wikipedia Library · NYT · WP reference

Thanks!--DASHBot (talk) 16:43, 2 January 2010 (UTC)

ArbCom elections are now open![edit]

You appear to be eligible to vote in the current Arbitration Committee election. The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to enact binding solutions for disputes between editors, primarily related to serious behavioural issues that the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the ability to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail. If you wish to participate, you are welcome to review the candidates' statements and submit your choices on the voting page. For the Election committee, MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 08:53, 23 November 2015 (UTC)