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Baby-Sitter Nanny Cameras

High-quality nanny cameras will show what's really happening between your children and their nanny/baby sitter, even when you're not there. Nanny-Baby-Sitter cameras are becoming very popular. More parents are considering using hidden in-home surveillance devices to watch (and listen) to their child's caregiver.

How do they work?

Nanny or baby-sitter cams come in all sizes, shapes and prices, for rental and sale. The devices are incorporated into tiny household items such as teddy bears, smoke detectors, clock-radios, pictures and so on.

With the more advanced nanny/baby-sitter cameras there is no need to hassle with complicated cameras and VCR wiring or wireless cameras that transmit your images all over the neighborhood! The new Motion-activated solutions include a (digital video recorder) and are completely self contained, totally secure, and easy to use.

Monty Henry 21:18, 29 June 2008 (UTC)

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Nanny cam[edit]

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