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External Links[edit]

In answer to your question[1], the link that you added is inappropriate as, per our external link guidelines, links to websites that contain self published content are not considered suitable. If the citizen journalists involved were noted authorities in their field, and if the website's notability can be established by independent coverage in reliable sources, then an argument could be made for mentioning the site in the article and providing a link to it. Without this however, there is nothing to support the website's content being reliable and independent enough for inclusion in an encyclopedia article. If you can provide such sourcing then by all means bring the matter and the link up for discussion on article talk. If you are affiliated with the website then you should also read our guidelines on conflict of interest and spamming, as a contribution history that consists solely of adding links to external websites and not contributing to the project by contributing actual content, or editing of any other articles, naturally points to an interest in solely driving traffic to that external site. Please note also that links to external websites from Wikipedia articles automatically contain a NOFOLLOW tag to prevent them being crawled by search engines. Mfield (Oi!) 20:34, 27 June 2009 (UTC)