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Thank you
Trade2tradewell 08:43, 19 November 2006 (UTC)

Dear editing user, it may seems that confirming information about a man in the region is easy. Unfortunately, it is not. In year 1942 and 1943 lebanon and Syria came independent. Some years later, governmental organization; the medical-order collected surgeons’ names. No surgeons were suitable except the mentioned one. Now for many reasons (ethnical, political and religious) you know, facts could be adapted and some may not oppose or insist because this do not interfere with their situation.

Knowing that great people in medicine had roots in the old civilizations, in Egypt, Greece, Syria, Mesopotamia and Persia and that, also in Lebanon, Saint George hospital Beirut has its history of 130 years, a limited number of “Lebanese” surgeons at that time was working only in surgery. Anyhow, It was important to me, to mention that from the city of amioun a modern surgeon came to be prominently active at that period.

Thank you for your important notification, and I will also be thankful if you can reform a better texture of this man, as you see logical. In the future, after collecting rigid informations about the life of this man, I would like to create an individual text of him. It was nice to speak to you anf I would very like to know more about your travel and impressions in our beloved Lebanon, if you like ofcourse.

Best regards, Naseem Abi Shaheen, neurosurgeon